A bigger house.
The festival is the focal point in the year
of fActors – but it’s not the only one.
Together we build new things.
FAcT lasts for more than three days
Laboratories, seminars, workshops, partnerships: the experience of the festival does not confine itself to three days, but keeps going all through the year, with events and initiatives in all the city – and beyond.
Theatre also consists of research, experiments, communication: by cooperating with other associations and institutions, fActors creates new occasions to speak about theatre.



Let’s grow up,

To learn, having fun: fActors for schools.
fActors cooperates with Pisa highschool liceo classico G. Galileiin the education of its students: through specific internships the association hosts some students of the Liceo, involving them in all the aspects of creating a big event (from the website to every part of the Festival).
Moreover, the Liceo is directly involved in the programme of the Festival, with performances and workshops. A different way to learn, grow up, and have fun.
fActors is looking for new partners: new schools to work with throughout the year.
“It allowed me to better understand the world of work. An interesting

and not without 
some fun!”
Jacopo, student
“A well-rounded
I could also work with
an English theatre group:
I can’t deny it was fun!”
Max, student
“To grow up, to learn to work with other people, and to become aware that working hard you can take active part in the organization of complex events – having fun”
Michela, teacher
Are you a teacher or a student and you’ve got an idea for us? Get in touch!
A place
to meet
Theatre in jail
From the partnership between fActors, the SNS Theatre Group, the Scuola Normale, the Sacchi di Sabbia and the prison of Pisa, Don Bosco, a new project has sprung, to create a place for university students and inmates to meet. Through theatre.
Starting 2018, the theatre lab in prison, directed by Francesca Censi, hosts some “normalisti”: the students will work alongside the inmates to stage a play. An occasion to get to know and understand each other, and to reflect on the meaning of culture.

is a serious matter


From the experience of FAcT we created ReAcT (Research on Academic Theatre), an international research group for the study of every form of theatre.

A tool to make theatre and academic research dialogue, through meetings, debates, and studies on some of the most interesting themes of drama and dramaturgy.

Multidisciplinary seminars, featuring philology, literature, and the experience of actors, directors, and practitioners. A dialogue that is both practical and theoretical.

Give us a hand