Acting is ReAcTing.

ReAcT, our Research group on Academic Theatre, is the heart of FAcT.

A new tool to study theatre.


ReAcT: where theatre and research meet

ReAcT is the international research group on theatre at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa, Italy).
Ever since, a strong relationship and exchange exist between theatre and university: often, theatre has been influenced by research interests created inside universities; in the latest decades, academic research has shown a significant interest in the main theatre phenomena, and the relationship between universities and contemporary drama has determined the creation of new fields of study.
The aim of ReAcT is to create a European research network on theatre, in order to study, through seminars, workshops, and conferences, some of its most relevant and innovative aspects: for instance, the impact of staging on other theatre languages, the theoretical as well as practical challenges of the translation of scripts, etc.

Moreover, academia and theatre have for long effectively, and successfully, lived together. On one side, a long history of Italy’s university theatre companies can be traced: those companies have often been at the forefront of dramaturgy, sharing a peculiar nature. On the other side, university companies still active – and linked with each other through different kinds of connections – are actual laboratories for artistic experiments: starting from a theoretical reconsideration of drama and staging, and keeping their relationship with academic research alive, these groups produce remarkable artistic outputs, that are widely acclaimed outside university.
The aim of ReAcT is thus to study these lively experiences, and put them in contact with each other.

Who’s who


Luca D’Onghia – team leader
Stefano Carrai
Giorgio Di Domenico
Alessandro Maggi (direttore artistico FAcT)
Francesco Morosi
Giorgio Motisi
Glenn W. Most
Giuseppe Pezzini (University of St. Andrews, direttore Centre for the Understanding of Greek and Roman Drama)
Marcello Reggiani
Martin Revermann (University of Toronto)
Marco Signori
Silvia Speriani
Massimo Stella
Martina Treu (IULM)

2020 Activities

The seminars of ReAcT

A cycle of seminars devoted to a theatre masterpiece: in 2020, we will study William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in view of a new staging by the SNS Theatre Group.

Gli Stati Generali

The Estates General of Academic Theatre are back in 2020, with a new conference devoted to the main and most interesting interactions between theatre and academia in Europe. Coming soon in Pisa, on June, 3rd 2020.

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