GOLKK Theatre

GOLKK creates new worlds in which physical bodies bring us to the heart of human relationships. We draw audiences into the present, offering you an experience which is not only live but ALIVE. With playful curiosity, we blend risky improvisation with subtle ensemble encounters.
GOLKK endeavour to make physical performance which is accessible, dynamic, and vitally playful. As a multinational collective, we are passionate about the universal nature of physical theatre, and seek to bridge the gap between mainstream and fringe theatre audiences. GOLKK champion theatre which is grounded in sharing and unity. As part of our practice, we offer workshops for aspiring theatre creators, students, and various communities.
GOLKK formed in 2016 and are Visiting Artist in Residence at the University of Kent and Gulbenkian since 2017. During the residency, they performed their first show Peeking in the Portrait in Canterbury and Paris before taking it on a 2018 ACE funded summer tour of gallery venues across Kent and then as part of Camden Fringe. Following a work-in-progress at The Place, rest[less] has been developed into a 45min, tour-ready performance, during a two week R&D period. GOLKK’s second ACE funded project which premiered at The Gulbenkian in May 2019.