June, 18th


10.30am Breakfast with Aristophanes

1.00pm Lunch

6.00pm Parallel Lives: the Sacchi di Sabbia meet Concetta D’Angeli

7.00pm Sandokan, o la fine dell’avventura 

8.15pm Cocktail

9.30pm Aristophanes, Clouds

June, 19th


11.00am English Breakfast (with Chesterton)

1.00pm Lunch

4.00pm Clue: Behind the Scenes

6.30pm Divinissimo

9.30pm u±r, from Čapek

June, 20th


11.00am Between Raffaello and Sebastiano del Piombo

1.00pm Lunch

3.00pm An 11-year-long journey. From Binario di Scambio to U±R

4.00pm Translating classics for the stage

6.30pm G.K. Chesterton, The Surprise

7.30pm From Fabrizio De André to Daniele Silvestri

9.30pm Clue, freely inspired by Cluedo

All events are free



Monday, 18th of June

I Sacchi di Sabbia, Sandokan o la fine dell’avventura
7pm, Scuola Normale Superiore

SNS Theatre Group, Clouds 
9,30pm, Piazza dei Cavalieri


Tuesday, 19th of June

CTU Cesare Questa, Divinissimo
6.30pm, Teatro Sant’Andrea

CTU Binario di Scambio, u±r
9,30pm, Piazza dei Cavalieri


Wednesday, 20th of June

The Oxford Troubadours, The Surprise
6.30pm, Teatro Sant’Andrea

CTU Beolco Ruzzante, Clue
9,30pm, Piazza dei Cavalieri




Monday, 18th of June

Breakfast with Aristophanes, Gruppo Teatrale della SNS 
10.30am, Ars Cafe & Bistrot

Parallel Lives: the Sacchi di Sabbia meet Concetta D’Angeli
6pm, Scuola Normale Superiore

Tuesday, 19th of June

English Breakfast, The Oxford Troubadours
11am, filter coffee lab

Clue: Behind the Scenes, CTU Beolco Ruzzante
4pm, Scuola Normale Superiore


Wednesday, 20th of June

Between Raffaello and Sebastiano: from the history of art to the stage, CTU Cesare Questa
11am, Palazzo Reale

An 11-year-long journey. From Binario di Scambio to U±R, Binario di Scambio
3pm, Scuola Normale Superiore

Translating classics for the stage: Sophocles and Plautus, Gruppo Teatrale della SNS and CTU Cesare Questa
4pm, Libreria Ghibellina




Monday, 18th of June

8.15pm, Scuola Normale Superiore

Tuesday, 19th of June

Cocktail with the companies
8pm, Argini & Margini

Wednesday, 20th of June

From Fabrizio De André to Daniele Silvestri: amor de long in contemporary poetry and song, CTU Cesare Questa
7.30pm, Sottobosco