Let’s celebrate theatre.

In the heart of an ancient college town, the theatre festival devoted to university companies. Three days of imagination, creativity, and friendship.

For students all over the world.
Five theatre companies from five universities.

Plays offered to the city, in the centre of Pisa.

Side events for everyone.
For free.
This leads
to that
From the SNS Theatre Group to the Festival
In 2013, the enthusiasm and commitment of the students of the Scuola Normale Superiore gave birth to the SNS Theatre Group. Conceived as an opportunity for fantasy and free expression, the Group has gathered the creative impulse of tens of students (and beyond), becoming a reference point for the cultural life of Pisa and the Scuola Normale.
In 2018, five years later, a new adventure is emerging from that experience – the Festival of Academic Theatre (FAcT), an occasion to create a national as well as international network of the most exciting university companies in the world. A celebration offered to students, and a gift to Pisa, that will host a number of events related to theatre.
A stage 12 metres wide and 5 metres deep, a seating area for almost 400 people. Right in the middle of Pisa.
For almost 200 years, the Piazza dei Cavalieri has been home to the Scuola Normale: its main building, its laboratories, its library, even its guest house.
A stage, in the heart of the city
All around, the historic palazzi of Pisa: the Palazzo della Carovana, the Palazzo dei Dodici, Church of Santo Stefano, and the Palazzo della Gherardesca, where count Ugolino was kept prisoner.
And a few steps away, a second stage: the Teatro Sant’Andrea, a fully functioning theatre hosted by a suggestive Romanesque church.


Lessons, lectures, gatherings, presentations: theatre is coming to town.


Every day, one or more performances, each by a different theatre company.


Every night, aperitivi all along the river Arno: music, Negroni, and friends to be together.


A panel of specialists will choose the best show: the winner will be back next year.

Stay in Pisa

For the companies visiting, free accommodation in the city centre.


Do you and your company want to join in next year? Apply here!

The Tower,
and more
credits: @giambellino
credits: @giambellino
Pisa, the city hosting the Festival, is one of the best known tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the fascinating Piazza dei Miracoli, house to the famous leaning Tower.
But besides the Tower, Pisa hides some amazing artistic and architectural treasures, and hosts three universities: the University of Pisa, the Scuola Sant’Anna, and the Scuola Normale.


June is a special month for Pisa. The city offers an intense programme of celebrations. The Luminara lights up the city, and the contest among Pisa’s quarters sets it on fire!
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