Some steps are more important.
STePS: starting out on theatre,
step by step.
We bet on talent.
Learning how to walk: a school of creativity
Every day we make lots of steps, but they are not equally important. Moreover, in some environments access is denied, or is extremely hurdled; and once you’re in, you have no time to learn how to walk—you need to run from the start.
(Scuola di Teatro Pisa-Spezia, the La Spezia-Pisa theatre school) is this, most of all: a way to give the tens of talented young performers the opportunity to take their first steps in theatre. To risk, to make mistakes, to fall, to get back up: this is the only way to learn how to work in theatre. But young people are not always given the time and the chance to do it.
The aim of STePS is to create a theatre incubator, able to invest on creativity and talent of young practitioners.
Young people for young people: the students of FAcT introduce a biennial project for the production and the staging of two original dramaturgies, entirely created and organized by novice practitioners. Hence, a strong emphasis on laboratories: from high schools to universities, from academies to absolute beginners, every step of the project offers workshops and laboratories.
STePS is also a way of connecting two cities: the municipality of La Spezia and its Teatro Civico (where the plays will be staged) are a crucial partner to the initiative. The project will then build a bridge between Pisa and La Spezia, and between the world of theatre and the academic world, thanks to the generous partnership of Iren, main financial sponsor of the project.
Young people
for young people
FAcT: investing on talent
FAcT was born from the passion for theatre of some young students of the Scuola Normale in Pisa, and from their need to share with peers from all around Europe experiences, projects, and friendships—through theatre.
Precisely this need to share and to bet motivates us to go even further with our exploration of the world of theatre, bringing on a unique occasion of education and creation.
The students of FAcT bet all their capital on young people, and on their best asset: talent. STePS is a theatre school, and, most of all, opportunity to produce new texts and new plays. To all the participants, we offer two things: time to learn how to walk, and money necessary to reach the goal.
We trust you, you bring in your creativity.
A tale
of two cities
STePS between La Spezia and Pisa
The aim of STePS is also to work as a bridge between two different worlds, and two different cities. The project will take place between two cities: Pisa (home to the Normale and of FAcT) and La Spezia, that with its Teatro Civico and thanks to the generous partnership of the municipality and of Iren will produce and host the two new plays. A new synergy between institutions, cultures, and communities.
Establishing a new relationship between two cities, FAcT is doing what it was born to: establish new relationships between distant worlds, i.e. the academic world and the world of theatre production. Between Pisa and La Spezia, an invisible yet efficient channel will run: different know-hows will meet and work together to give life to new experiments.
How STePS works

Two projects

STePS lasts for two years, during which it will stage two new plays, both on the bill of the Teatro Civico in La Spezia. The first play will premiere around the end of 2020, and the second around the end of 2021. The two projects will move in parallel: FAcT will lead the artistic aspects, and the Teatro Civico the organisational aspects.


We are looking for actors, set designers, costume designers for both the projects. Every position will be open. Applications will be invited from anyone: selections and auditions will be held, under the care of the people in charge of the projects. All positions are paid.


STePS is also an opportunity for the education of young practitioners and beginners of all ages. Courses for high school students, workshops for all those who are passionate in theatre, laboratories for young actors will be available starting from the spring of 2020.