Not only the Piazza dei Miracoli: from the Lungarni to the Piazza dei Cavalieri, from the museums to the churches, Pisa in June is a wonder to discover.

One of the Maritime Republics, together with Genoa, Amalfi and Venice, Pisa dominated the Mediterranean for a long time. Even nowadays, the town bears the signs of its glorious medieval past, preserving some of the most fascinating Romanesque churches in Tuscany, and some hidden treasures as well.

The artistic heart of the city beats in the Piazza dei Miracoli, where the Cathedral, the Camposanto (monumental cemetery), the Baptistery and the renowned Tower are all located. The Lungarni of Pisa, already loved by the poet Giacomo Leopardi, are a sight to behold, and the Piazza dei Cavalieri is a place really full of history.


The town is truly on a human scale: all the points of interest may be reached on foot. After a good espresso in the city centre, with a few steps you can visit some of the richest museums in Italy: the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo or the Museo di San Matteo, coffer of the masterpieces of the art of the Middle Ages.



A tour in Pisa

 Routes, events and useful information to live Pisa at its best, also as a tourist. Prices, transport, guided visits and much more, not to miss a single aspect of the Leaning Tower’s town.


Pisa June

 Discover the event that livens the entire city with history, lights, and culture. Among the fireworks, a regatta on the river Arno and the Game of the Bridge, the beginning of summer in Pisa is jaw-dropping for everyone.




The venues of fAct


The participating companies will be hosted in various reception facilities, all situated in the centre of Pisa: the Collegio Puteano (the guesthouse of the Scuola Normale), the Hotel Leonardo  and the Hotel Bologna. Two steps away from Piazza dei Miracoli and the stages.


the stages

Theatre invades the city, with a big open-air stage in the Piazza dei Cavalieri, but also with the little Teatro Sant’Andrea, a fascinating Romanesque church turned into a stage. To act and perform right in the heart of Pisa.

Piazza dei Cavalieri

Piazza dei Cavalieri e Collegio Puteano

Teatro Sant'Andrea

Teatro Sant’Andrea

Hotel Novecento

Hotel Novecento

Hotel Leonardo

Hotel Leonardo